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How Does Your Garden Grow - You Know It. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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How Does Your Garden Grow [Apr. 7th, 2017|03:02 pm]
So that garden I had mentioned a while ago is going alright. I had put cages over the tomatoes that seemed laughably oversized at the time, but now the plants are so big that they're toppling the cages in some places. These things happen so slowly that you don't notice it until one day you're like, "Wait, last time I checked, weren't these eight inches tall? How'd they suddenly get over four feet?" Also, "How did I not notice that this one is now leaning at a 45-degree angle?"

The hardest part is yet to come, though. They're big plants, and they've got little green tomatoes, so I need to give them lots of water pretty consistently now in order to not screw up the whole operation. The children have had a meeting and have conspired to make this as difficult as possible (I assume).

I got two strawberry plants this time around. I have no illusions that strawberry plants are "worth it;" They never seem to get big and I am lucky if I get half a dozen strawberries total that haven't been partially eaten by critters. But despite that, strawberries are one of Ben's favorite foods, and I wanted him to see how they come from a plant. We've done that successfully, though his mind didn't seem to be blown or anything, and he promptly wandered off once he realized he was just getting the one strawberry. Oh well, maybe 4.5 out of 10 for that Parenting Moment.

The basil did unexpectedly well. The rest of the herbs seem satisfied, though the cilantro was like "I'm out, bitches" and bolted/flowered after a few weeks (I guess you're supposed to plant them in the fall/winter here). The peppers... I dunno. Haven't died. Everyone always goes on about how easy peppers are to grow, but any I've tried have either died straightaway or refused to grow much, then pooped out one tiny token pepper while doing the plant equivalent of scowling at me.

Overall though, I'm pleased so far. At first I think, "Oh, it's not like I'm gardening. The plants just happened to do well because I used compost and soil-helper-stuff and went to an actual garden store instead of Home Depot for my plants and weeded and mulched and actually remembered to water them."

But then I'm like wait, if that's not gardening, what is?