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Notes From BabyTour 2017 - You Know It. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Notes From BabyTour 2017 [Aug. 11th, 2017|11:52 am]
We've been making a big diamond around the country, doing our "Get the Hell Out of Texas in the Summer" trip and double-purposing it as our "Oh God It's Been Nine Months and Most of Our Family Has Still Not Met the Baby" trip.

Cincinnati, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles have all indeed been cooler (temperature-wise at least) than Austin, and it's great to see family and friends. We've started building a few parent friendships in Texas, but it's just not the same yet. For as much of an introvert as I can be, being around Our People is really recharging. These are people we can sit around and discuss the origins of morality with late into the night, people we can cook and bake with, talk about life plans with. You forget how great that is until you get to spend weeks with them.

Eleanor has been doing that thing where she wants to walk, but she can't yet, so she makes you bend over and hold her hands while she charges forward. We had a 3-hour layover in Chicago that turned into a 7-hour layover, and she wanted to do this on the moving sidewalks for a long time. My back and shoulders may never be the same. She's been babbling and giggling and crawling and generally charming the pants off of everybody we meet, though. I had forgotten how often strangers will stop you to tell you how cute your baby is. It's not bad.

Being in Cincinnati is always weird. Seeing my family is super sweet, since I don't make it back to see them nearly often enough, but since I spent my whole childhood there and practically none of my adulthood, there's this huge "memory gap" when I'm walking around. It's like that feeling when you've napped longer than you planned to, and when you wake up you have no idea what time it is.

Minneapolis is this siren who always calls to us in the summer with her beautiful weather and adorable gardens and art festivals and bikes and lakes. But you know that within a couple months, she's going to turn into this raging, oppressive beast made of ice and snow. If Nate and I ever became fancy-rich enough to buy a "summer home," we'd buy it in Minnesota, no question.

And then there's LA, which is so different aesthetically from the previous two cities. There are mountains covered in scrub and yellow grass, way less shade, way more stucco. Fashion trends and the film industry continue to scramble ferociously forward. The city feels a little bit less and less like home each time I visit, but the people we're there to see are as wonderful as ever.

We'll head home to a couple months of craziness, with Ben starting full-time preschool, a glut of smaller freelance projects for me, and two conventions for Wildermyth coming up in September, with the big push of work that that's going to require. I'll go back to racing over to my computer to get work done anytime both kids are occupied or asleep. Nate will go back to trying to cram as many working hours in during the day as he can, and we'll continue to figure out our life week by week.