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Sourdough Rises Again - You Know It. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sourdough Rises Again [Jun. 29th, 2018|06:38 pm]
When we last left my foray into sourdough startering(?), things were looking a little dicey and my one bread so far had been an intriguingly-flavored brick.

TURNS OUT! My problem was twofold:

1.) The organic rye flour did indeed work waaayyy better than the standard Costco bread flour, at least for getting started. All of the sources I researched were like, "And oh my heavens make SURE your flour is organic rye flour OF COURSE." And I thought they were just being snooty. But turns out it works way better. Fortunately though, you can feed it regular flour once it gets "established" (i.e. a couple weeks in). There's hardly any visible rye flecks in there anymore, but everything is working well.

2.) Things were originally just too watery. Or—I had too high of a "hydration level," because for serious baking you have to use serious terms like that. But anyway yeah, I quit adding so much water and added more flour and things got way better.

So I fixed these things, gave it a few more weeks to find its footing, and now we're getting these gorgeous fluffy sourdough boules consistently.

(Quick aside: apparently the gold standard in the sourdough-baking world is loaves with huge honking airholes in them. I don't understand this, because those make crappy sandwiches and all the butter drips through when you make toast out of them.)

I combined the two starters into one, since feeding two was double the work of feeding one. And it has become an ambitious little booger, hugely poofing up every time I feed it now. Rye-ly and Wheatley have merged I've renamed it my "Dwarf in the Flask."