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The Inside of My Head - You Know It. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The Inside of My Head [Aug. 16th, 2018|11:49 am]
Nate and I were talking a while ago about what the insides of our heads would look like if they were physical spaces. I don't remember what he said, because I am a spouse who is apparently awesome at listening. But I wanted to write my own thoughts down somewhere.

So like, my actual house is relatively organized. Things go in boxes, boxes go in closets, etc. Standard stuff to keep us from panicking when we have people over for dinner.

The inside of my head, however, basically looks like this. You may notice that you can still pick your way through it, but all that shit is just right out there. And it's not even useful shit most of the time. It's just random shit. It's conversations from middle school and song lyrics and the memory of where my keys were that one time 2 weeks ago.

When I have something important to remember, I'll do the mental equivalent of painting it neon red and setting it on top of a stack somewhere. Then I'll probably see it when I need to.

Unless it gets accidentally buried under something else, then we're screwed.

(This is why I live and die by whiteboard to-do lists in real life. Without them, I am often floating around with a vague feeling that something needs to get done, but I won't remember what it was until I wake up at 3am that night and then can't stop thinking about it.)

To get the full effect, you also have to imagine fantastical little creatures crawling in and out of the piles, or clinging to the ceiling. These are Art Ideas, and I can either take the first one I see or go digging through piles to see if I can find any better ones.

Once a month during PMS, Mean Annie comes to crash on the couch, and she yells at me occasionally about what a dump this place is. She doesn't actually do anything to help though, she just whines that I don't even have the right kind of soda in the fridge.

There is a balcony too, for when I want some visual quiet. "The balcony" can be a vacation, or a couple glasses of wine. Or both. It's a nice break, but you can't stay out there too long, because you can't see any of the neon red things that need attention, or you'll miss one of the creatures swiping its tail across the stove and setting the whole place on fire.

(Edit: This required a photoshop. I added a ticker that tells me things related to the kids.


I have no idea if this is what other people's heads are like. It sounds kinda crappy as I describe it, but it's actually not so bad. You make it work.