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Coffee Thoughts [Sep. 7th, 2018|09:00 am]
I read a passage in a book by a physicist a few years ago that was explaining a theory of how a universe with entropy could still end up with all this cool, complex stuff. He posited that the beginning of the universe was a state of "low entropy," and then, like when you mix cream into coffee, a bunch of cool "stuff" can happen on the way from the low-entropy state to the high-entropy state:


“Those swirls in the cream mixing into the coffee? That’s us. Ephemeral patterns of complexity, riding a wave of increasing entropy from simple beginnings to a simple end. We should enjoy the ride.”

I never actually finished the book because I lost it or something, but that stuck with me, and now every morning when I make my coffee, I bear witness to the beverage equivalent of the heat death of the universe, and my non-caffeinated brain is in no state to handle that kind of heavy shit.