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Football(?) [Sep. 22nd, 2018|06:54 pm]
It's September and I have facebook and this is going to sound weird, but... I'm always a little surprised when people are still super excited about Michigan football.

Like, I went to the games while I attended the school. I dressed in the colors. I knew if the team was doing well that year or not. It was fun. But I figured it was a thing we all did just because... I dunno, because it's fun to do coordinated activities when you're all in one place together.

But I get this bewildered feeling when people are still getting pumped about it over ten years later and I'm like, "Wait, you were actually... you actually cared about the football this whole time?"

I'm aware that I'm probably the weird one here. That's okay.

From: (Anonymous)
2018-09-23 07:14 pm (UTC)

No, they're weird

What is this foooot-boll you're talking about?

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