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Thought of the Day [Sep. 25th, 2018|06:44 pm]
I have no room to look down on anyone else's TV/Netflix/whatever habits when I'm scrolling through being like, "Oh snap, there's a cheetah hunting an antelope! I'll watch the heck outta that!"

It doesn't matter that people have been filming cheetahs hunting antelopes for decades, and it's always gonna end in the same one of two outcomes every time.

It doesn't matter that you could point out, "Annie, you've watched probably over a hundred cheetahs hunt a hundred antelopes on a hundred different-but-actually-really-similar nature documentaries over the course of your life. You've got to have the gist of it by now. And you want to watch yet another one?"

Damn right I do. This one has slightly newer camera-panning technology!