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Bread of the Month - You Know It. — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bread of the Month [Oct. 31st, 2018|12:12 pm]
I was looking at one of those catalogues where you can mail people food made by other people who are better at baking than you, and they had a "Bread of the Month" thingy. Which sounded fun until you did the math and realized that each loaf of bread was something like twenty-six dollars.

That made me so indignant that I briefly thought of starting my own thingy where I would send bread to my friends as gifts every month for a while, because I can.

It would be "Annie and Nate's Just-As-Good-As-Fancy-Bakers' Bread of the Month" club. It might have a brochure:


One day Annie was looking at a Bread of the Month club that charged like $26 per loaf and it pissed her off a little bit, and now she is sending bread to you.

Q. Is your bread vegan?
A. Yes, unless you count yeast as people.
Q. Is your bread gluten-free?
A. No, it is bread, it is very gluten-full.
Q. What flavors are you thinking?
A. I've got a kick-ass sourdough, and a big rosemary plant out back so probably something with rosemary at some point.

Join our thriving social media presence! aka Send me a facebook message if the bread turned out bad or anything.


I was super pumped about this, until I figured out how much it cost to send a loaf of bread through the mail fast enough that it wouldn't come out stale on the other side. Then I figured out where that $26/loaf number was actually coming from, and maybe shipping bread loaves individually through the mail just isn't the best use of people's time and money.