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Envelopes [Dec. 9th, 2018|08:38 am]
When I'm doing holiday cards, I'm never sure what to put on the outside of the envelope to Ben's teachers. He's got the regular kindergarten teacher, the special ed teacher, and one or two aides who work those classrooms? Maybe? And a school speech therapist, but he only sees her for like half an hour a week right now, I dunno.

So I stick in a bunch of smaller gift cards instead of one big one, one big thank you/Happy Holidays note, and then I write "To: Ben's Educational Team" on the outside of it, since I don't want to exclude the people who aren't officially teachers but still do a lot for him.

But then since "Educational Team" sounds super stuffy and dorky, I draw a penguin wearing a goofy hat on the envelope too in a desperate attempt to signal that I'm not the type of person who goes around using terms like "Educational Team" unless I really have to.

I think they'll get it.