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January - You Know It. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January [Jan. 21st, 2019|08:04 am]
We took the kids to both sides of the family for the holidays—California and Ohio—and while traveling with small children is its own realm of Stressful, it's actually way better than having them stuck in the house for two weeks straight, slowly driving you and your spouse crazy.

Wildermyth has completely taken over our brains. I'm writing "hero recruit" events in the corner hours before the house gets going and when the kids are occupied. Did I ever show you the editor that we use to make our comic-ish events in the game?


You create these panels by throwing a bunch of art in, picking a background, having the game automatically "cast" characters for the different roles you specify, and then posing them & giving them dialogue for each panel.

(What it looks like when you go in to edit the layout of a panel.)

So anyway, we're getting reaaall close to having this thing out in beta. We're planning to go on an indie-focused platform first (itch.io) for a reduced price, do a bunch of what is essentially beta testing and polishing, and then do a bigger release once the feedback that we're getting is solidly positive.

Nate and I are having dark-night-of-the-soul oh-god-how-is-this-all-going-to-go what-are-we-doing-with-our-lives discussions almost daily at this point. And I know it'll get worse until we launch. And then probably worse after we launch. And on and on until we're hugging each other in a corner chewing off our own knuckles.